New with Notes? Top Tips for Taking Terrific Notes!

Submitted by: Alexis Butterfield, Vice-President of Public Relations

Note taking is something that comes naturally for some, but for others this is a challenge. Personally, I used to struggle with this daily school task. I am here to share some of my tips I used to improve my note-taking skills. 

Tip #1 – This may seem obvious but always title your notes along with the date. I always write my class, chapter, and section that the notes are being discussed over. This helps when studying later so you can use your exact section of notes along with the section of the book. Writing the date helps, especially if you miss a day of class, to know what work you must make up. 

Tip #2 – Make it visual! Use highlighters or different colored pens! After writing something you believe to be important, pull out your highlighter and trace over it. This allows for a quick and easy review before any exam. If you are an artistic person, I know I am not ☺, have fun with the colors! 

Tip #3 – Use bullet points, arrows, roman numerals, etc. I know that this may seem like extra unwanted work but I speak from experience that this truly does help. For example, after writing your main topic place bullet points underneath to jot down important facts relating to your topic. This is fundamental note taking skills that help in the studying process later. 

Tip #4 – If you prefer typing notes this tip is for you! Use the bold, italic, underline, colored and highlight features much like you would if you were writing them! Some people like this method over writing because they can complete them faster than if they were writing. 

Taking notes is something that is supposed to be helpful to you. Whatever methods or tips you choose to use in the end should be what is most beneficial to you. Have fun and be creative with your note taking!