FCCLA National Leadership Conference
July 2 – 6, 2023
Denver, CO

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All affiliated members and advisers are invited to attend and celebrate the incREDible 2022-2023 schoo year! Every year, FCCLA members from across the country gather to network with fellow members, attend leadership workshops, take part in competitive events, explore career pathways, and learn from industry experts.

Nebraska NLC Registration is required for ALL Nebraska attendees. State registration will be compared to the NLC registration from the Portal to ensure that all Nebraska participants complete the state registration. Nebraska NLC registration is due Friday, May 5.

  • Student Members – $25
    • State T-Shirt (specific to NLC)
    • (25) Trading Pins
  • Advisers/Parents/Chaperones/Guests – $10
    • State T-Shirt (specific to NLC)

The following items are available in addition to the required state registration:

  • Nebraska FCCLA Backpacks – $10 (limited quantity available; unless there is a large demand)
  • Trading Pins – $7.50 for 10 pins (limited quantity of trading pins will be available for purchase at NLC)

Nebraska Special Event: Nebraska Eats at the Denver Milk Market | Monday, July 3 from 6:30-9:30pm

Enjoy an evening meal together at the Denver Milk Market following the state meeting on Monday, July 3. Nebraska delegates are invited to gather at this unique food hall to enjoy an evening together!

The cost for this special event is $40. Attendees will receive a gift card that is valid at any of the restaurants within the food hall. It can be used at any time (does not have to be during this special event), so chapters can take advantage of coming back to the food hall at any point during the conference.

Authorization Form for Independent Delegates must be completed for any youth delegate attending the conference under the supervision of any adult other than their chapter adviser or parent/guardian. This form must be submitted to the State Adviser by June 10 and should be kept with the supervising adult throughout the duration of the conference.

Stay informed with the latest information from National FCCLA about the National Leadership Conference here.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to become part of the Ultimate Leadership Experience at the 2023 National Leadership Conference!


Future National Leadership Conferences

  • June 29 – July 3, 2024 • Seattle, WA
  • July 5-9, 2025 • Orlando, FL