Any student in grades 6-12 who has taken or is currently enrolled in a Family and Consumer Sciences course is eligible for membership in FCCLA. In order to join, members must be affiliated by the local chapter adviser through the online affiliation system. Once members are affiliated they are recognized as members and can attend conferences, compete in Competitive Events, and attend local chapter events.

Advantages of Membership  

Members can expect the following advantages to membership

  • opportunities to serve the local school and community through service learning, community service, and National Programs
  • participation in high-quality leadership development
  • eligibility for scholarships from Nebraska and National FCCLA
  • opportunities to serve in leadership roles across multiple levels of the organization
  • eligibility for the CTE Presidential Scholars program

In addition, members nationally report that the top five skills that members learn or improve upon include leadership, creativity, public speaking, responsibility and time management, and self-confidence.

Interested in joining? Contact a local FCCLA member or Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. Not sure who this is? Contact Chelsey Greene, State Adviser at