3 Three Tips and Tricks for Attention-Grabbing Social Media Posts

Submitted by: Alexis Butterfield, Vice-President of Public Relations

Likes, follows, posts, friend requests. These are familiar terms to almost everyone, but how can we utilize these in FCCLA? Posting about events that your chapter is doing in FCCLA is a great way to promote. Whether this be posting about community service projects, upcoming dates and deadlines, or just thanking members for their hard work, utilizing social media is essential for chapter promotion especially in times like these. Read on to figure out three techniques that will make your chapter’s post stand above the rest!

#1 Bright colors! When posting you want to gain people’s attention toward your post. One of the most important things to do in order to accomplish this goal is to use bright colors. Imagine scrolling through your feed, not really looking closely at posts, and then you come across one containing these colors. Utilizing color catches your eye and then sends a signal to your brain to go back and look to see what captured your attention. Using the color of your organization, for example Red for FCCLA, is another simple promotion technique! This step is simple and easy, but crucial for effective posts. 

#2 Movement! The use of movement in posts directs more attention to your information. I recommend using GIFs such as flashing lights, moving arrows, or encompassing circles. These are simple to use and can be found on most apps. This small placement of a moving part could redirect a reader’s attention toward your post, which is the ultimate goal when posting!

#3 Big Titles! When someone looks at a post and sees a long paragraph of information, they may feel intimidated and just scroll past it. If we utilize clear and concise titles this will eliminate said problem. Typing in a large font about the main idea of the post is a good place to start. The image can contain a small amount of information, but it is usually best to keep in short. You can include excess information in the caption. I highly recommend if it is something with an abundance of facts, include a link in the caption that people can click on. 

These 3 simple tricks help direct attention to all of your chapter’s social media posts. Not only will fellow members, officers, and advisers read about what your chapter is accomplishing, but community members can as well! This awareness is a large part of your chapter’s success and I wish you the best in posting!