February 10-14, 2020

Chapters are encouraged to celebrate during FCCLA Week, February 10-14, 2020.  While each chapter may have its own specialties, traditions, and recognition, the Nebraska FCCLA State Association will be encouraging involvement in FCCLA Week using the techniques outlined below.  With any of your efforts, be sure to use the #NEFCCLA and tag @NationalFCCLA on social media. Contact your local news agencies about promoting FCCLA Week and other FCCLA events throughout the year. 

Use this Google Slideshow to learn about FCCLA Week activities!

Use this flyer to promote FCCLA Week in your Chapter!

Monday:  What’s Your FCCLA Story?

Kick-off FCCLA week by sharing your FCCLA Story on social media! Tell the story of why you joined, why you stay involved and why others should be involved in FCCLA! Reach out to FCCLA/FHA Alumni and learn more about their FCCLA stories!  Share your projects with #nefccla #fcclaweek #myfcclastory

Tuesday:  What’s Your Future Career Story?

Share how FCCLA has prepared you for a successful future and how it has encouraged you to develop your future career story! Show others how FCCLA career pathways have prepared you for your future! Think of all the careers available in your community. Chances are good that many of those align with Family and Consumer Sciences related occupations. Use the hashtags #nefccla #fcclaweek #myfcclafuture

Need some examples? Here’s just a few:

  • interior designer
  • marketing and merchandising
  • buyer
  • designer
  • FCS teacher
  • dietitian
  • marriage and family counselor
  • textile research and development
  • home furnishings designer
  • property manager
  • food scientist
  • infant educator
  • mental health counselor
  • chef
  • early childhood teacher or care provider
  • nutritionist
  • social worker
  • entrepreneur
  • psychologist

Invite one of these individuals to your classroom or chapter to talk about what their job entails and how students can become involved in a career in that field.

Wednesday:  Inspiring FCS Educator Day

Take part in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Educator Day and recognize the achievements of FCS educators and programs. Thank your adviser! Share the impact your adviser has had on your FCCLA story. #SayYesToFCS #FCCLAcareers

Thursday: Celebrate Your Family’s Story

Take the time to show your appreciation for those who have supported you throughout your FCCLA story. Take time to thank your family members. Share how your family has supported your leadership journey in FCCLA. #MyFCCLAStory

Friday: Leaders in Red

Encourage others to Go For The RED! Believe in the power of red as we unite to show our FCCLA pride! Share what FCCLA red means to you and how it has given you the confidence to be you. Show your FCCLA spirit by decorating your school in red. Host an FCCLA informational meeting or event for people to learn more about FCCLA Week and our organization. #nefccla

Share what your chapter has been involved with this week using #nefccla on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.