February 8-12, 2021

Chapters are encouraged to celebrate during FCCLA Week, February 8-12, 2021.  While each chapter may have its own specialties, traditions, and recognition, the Nebraska FCCLA State Association will be encouraging involvement in FCCLA Week using the techniques outlined below.  With any of your efforts, be sure to use the #NEFCCLA and tag @NationalFCCLA on social media. Contact your local news agencies about promoting FCCLA Week and other FCCLA events throughout the year. 

Use this flyer to promote FCCLA Week in your Chapter!

Monday:  The Future of Members

Share your FCCLA story and experiences. Alumni can also share their FCCLA journey and how the organization helped shape their future.

Tuesday:  The Future of Leadership

Share leadership roles you have held and ones you want to hold in the future. Alumni are invited to reflect on the leadership qualities FCCLA has taught them and how those qualities have impacted their life.

Wednesday:  The Future of Advisers

Members this is your opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to your adviser for all they have done for you. Help your adviser celebrate FCS Educator Day right! Alumni can also share with their past chapter adviser to say thanks. Use #SayYestoFCS to celebrate with FCS teachers across the country!

Thursday: The Future of Careers

Members can take this day to think about and share what careers in FCS have been explored. Aside from FCS careers, celebrate how lessons learned through FCS courses will help you in your future career. Alumni, tell us how has FCCLA has helped you with your career path.

Friday: The Future of FCCLA

We want to see your favorite FCCLA memories, events, and experiences! Look back at the great memories and use them for the motivation to continue on with your FCCLA journey. We want to see everyone rockin’ your FCCLA Red on Friday!

Share what your chapter has been involved with this week using #NEFCCLA, #FutureisYours, & #FCCLAWeek on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

For more FCCLA Week resources, visit the national FCCLA website!


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