Say “Thanks” this Thanksgiving

Submitted by: Alexis Richmond, President

1. Write a thank you card to your FCCLA Adviser.

Our advisers work night and day to provide us with a great number of opportunities in and out of FCCLA. A simple thank you note or a card will show your appreciation for all they have done for you!

2. Make a donation to a local food bank.

During the holiday season, many families don’t have the luxury to enjoy a nice meal with their family. One way we can help those families in need is to donate to your local food bank or cook extra turkeys and give them to others. This small gesture will mean a lot for those who don’t usually have a meal on Thanksgiving.

3. Create a Thanksgiving tree.

If you are feeling in the crafty spirit, there are many Thanksgiving activities that you could do. A Thanksgiving tree could be a great addition to your dinner table centerpiece and display all the different things your family is thankful for.

4. Send cards to those in nursing homes.

Holidays, which are usually a time of joy, can be the opposite for those in nursing homes who don’t have anyone to come visit them. While this year you might not be able to actually visit them, sending a card is a great alternative to let them know that you care about them this holiday season.

In addition to these four ideas, I would love to see your creative ways to celebrate and give thanks this Thanksgiving. I would also urge you to complete projects within your FCCLA chapter to show your gratitude for your family, school, and community. Above all, remember that there is always something to be thankful for!