It’s Time to Get Involved!

Submitted by: Madeline Wittstruck, Nebraska FCCLA First Vice-President

Hello Nebraska FCCLA! I hope you are recovering after FLW. The SOT had an amazing time, and the team and I would love to thank you for your participation and making our first conference as officers a success! Looking back at the conference, we had a lot of engaged members ready to take action this year. I am absolutely pumped to see what our state organization can do.

First, I want to thank all of our members who participated at NLC this year! We were very proud to be supporting you all in STAR Events, the Blue Ribbon Panel, and our SPOT team. All of you took action and were very involved in what you participated in!

Second, I want you to focus on something big this year, a goal you’ve been wanting to achieve in FCCLA, and I want you to make it happen! Make this YOUR year in Nebraska FCCLA. Whether it be running for an office, making it to SLC or NLC with a STAR project, or just being more involved in your chapter this year, go for the gold and achieve it! For our organization to succeed, we need go getters. This phrase might be overused, but it’s true! “Dreams don’t work, unless YOU do.” So I encourage you to go after your goal and stick to it until you can achieve it!

Lastly, I want to encourage you to try something new this year. If you haven’t participated in a STAR Event, go for it! You never know what you can do unless you try it. Maybe Power of One? I think yes! FCCLA offers multiple opportunities for you to become a better leader, learn, and gives you skills for life! Make sure you stay on top of your academics, as well as extra-curricular activities. FCCLA is the ultimate leadership experience, so why not get the best you can out of it?

This is the year and time to get involved, Nebraska FCCLA. I hope you will put your best foot forward and do the best you can this year, and good luck with your endeavors!