Building Connections. Breaking Barriers.

Submitted by: Katie Patton, Nebraska FCCLA State President 2018-2019

Happy October! It seems like just yesterday we were starting school, but we are now in full swing of fall activities and District Leadership Conferences! Whether you are competing in conference games, marching in band competitions, or starting practice for your One Act plays, we know every FCCLA member is extremely busy. Hopefully you are excited to attend your DLC with your chapter and learn more about Nebraska FCCLA! There are multiple reasons Nebraska FCCLA has District Leadership Conferences, it’s important you know them!

District Leadership Conferences are a great opportunity to network with other FCCLA members. Only recently I was able to connect with Mia Kegley, Nebraska FCCLA State President 2017-2018, and then she graduated and has moved on to college (at STANFORD!). We still text and share stories, but I won’t get to see her at events this year. My point is, I would have loved the chance to get to know her earlier on in our FCCLA careers. So when attending your DLC, meet a few new people…follow them on Instagram…Snapchat them…and you never know where your friendship will take you! Chances are you’ll see each other multiple times a year at various conferences and competitions, and it’s always fun to have friends at other schools!

DLC’s are also for learning! I know what you’re thinking, “I signed up for DLC so I could miss school, there’s no way I’m going to learn anything”. While I completely understand your point, this conference is designed to give you resources to be a better leader! Hopefully you will attend sessions and hear a speaker that will inspire you to lead in ways you’ve never thought of before. Go into the day with an open mind, and make it your goal to take home three things you learned. You will be happy you did!

Fall is such a fun season in Nebraska, and I’m glad FCCLA is a part of that. Good luck in ALL of your activities and ENJOY your District Leadership Conference!