Be Involved, Do More, and Cherish

Submitted by: Sabra Schmidt, Vice-President of Competitive Events

Blink. In a single blink many things can happen. From falling asleep, to missing something the teacher said, to already completing and entire year of FCCLA, All in a blink of an eye. So the question I ask myself now is, how can I make this year the best one yet because in a blink it’ll all be over. The things I have brought to my attention in order to make this year last in my memory is to 1. Be Involved. 2. Do more. 3. Cherish.

Be Life is easy and quick if that’s the route you choose to take. Many people get by with doing the bare minimum, but that’s not where the memories are made. Get involved as much as you can, whether that is with sports, play, speech, FFA, FBLA, or of course, FCCLA! The more you’re involved the more you will obtain from everything you do. Now if you choose to indulge yourself with FCCLA which I personally would advise, Become involved.

Signing up and paying dues is one thing. Once you commit to something though you have to keep it a priority. You become responsible with whatever you end up choosing to do. So go further than just paying dues, pave the way of your experience through learning about the organization and participating.

Do more than sitting the back of the class or walk to drills in practice or go to sessions without participating. Throughout your life there will constantly be things you can brush off and get by but where will that take you. Do more. Engage yourself into everyday life by doing better than you did yesterday. Ask questions in class, strive to do better in practice, participate in STAR or become an officer. The more you do, the more you’ll get out of life with the experiences you made.

To me this may be one of the most important things to keep doing throughout your everyday to day life. Enjoy every possible moment you can because in a blink of an eye it may not be there anymore.Everyone has bad days or even weeks, but what ends up mattering is what you take away from it. Focusing on the negatives won’t allow you to see the negatives. Indulge yourself in life, in activities go further than you have before and allow yourself to become the best you can be using this amazing organization that will aid you in becoming successful.

Blink. Just like that you’ve already read this blog, time goes fast. In order to use it wisely, be involved, do more, and cherish the memories you make along the way.