It’s Awards Season!

Submitted by: Hailey Bixler, Vice-President of Programs

What do you hope to accomplish as the FCCLA year begins to come to an end? Maybe you have a really amazing STAR project ready to go or a winning national program. Or maybe your chapter hasn’t gotten around to completing any notable projects, and you don’t really think you have done anything worth recognizing at SLC. Whether you are in the first category or the second, you should know that there are still a couple of shiny awards and recognition opportunities out there – ones that don’t require an in-depth project but a simple application. Looking for recognition, a t-shirt, or free money? Look no further.


If you don’t think you personally have done anything worth celebrating, you might be surprised. For example, one easy way to gain recognition is through BFF, or Best FCCLA Friend. If you or your chapter has brought in a new member (even if it is only because they were not eligible to be in FCCLA before then), you can count them as your BFF. The application is as simple as filling out your name, the new member’s name, and your chapter’s name. You can even apply more than once for more than one BFF. Members with BFFs are recognized on screen at SLC and receive certificates for their recruitment efforts. Applications are due March 1st, so don’t procrastinate!


Similarly, another great opportunity for membership recognition is Go For the Red, national FCCLA’s membership campaign. This award comes with a free t-shirt and is given to any member who has brought in three new members through recruitment efforts. Unlike Nebraska’s award, you can only apply once per year, but who doesn’t like free clothing? Applications are due April 1st.


Not interested in membership? What about leadership? Nebraska’s Ultimate Leader Award recognizes outstanding leaders in every chapter. This does not necessarily mean that someone has to be a chapter or district officer. Instead, it can easily go to someone who is active in FCCLA, even if it is just on the local level, and shows great passion for the organization. This award requires a nomination (with the amount of people you can nominate per chapter depending on chapter size), so have someone nominate you or nominate someone you know by March 1st.


If having a certificate collecting dust on a shelf somewhere isn’t your thing, making money might be. While due dates for any Nebraska FCCLA scholarships have past, there are a couple national scholarships that might pique your interest. Seniors going into hospitality and tourism might want to consider the Anaheim Marriott Hospitality Scholarship, which offers $3,000,  or the Hilton Anaheim Hospitality Scholarship, which offers $1,000. Both of these valuable scholarships are due by March 1st.


Seniors who are looking for a scholarship in general should look at the FCCLA Memorial Scholarship. This fund gives $2,500 to a senior who has demonstrated strong academics, well-roundedness, leadership, volunteerism, and involvement in FCCLA. This could be a big money-saver for all aspiring college students, so make sure to apply by March 1st.


Awards are always a great way to finish off a successful year of FCCLA, so don’t forget to apply! If anything, you can keep in mind some opportunities for next year. FCCLA offers many awards on the state and national level (with some exciting new ones currently in development), so make the most of it! Remember, FCCLA has all of the tools you need for success, but you only get out of it what you put into it.