District Leadership Conference Season!

Fall is back and Districts are ready for their kickoffs! FCCLA District Leadership Conferences are happening all across the state. As you attend your local DLC here are some things to think about.

Districts are a great way to make new friends from different schools. We’ve all been guilty of sticking to only the people we know, but you don’t know how much you are missing out on. Meeting new people is an experience that can be pretty scary, however it can be very rewarding. You will learn new things about people that you would have never guessed. You may even make a lifelong friend.

Something else to think about while attending DLC is what you can take back not only to apply within your chapter but to apply to your entire life. You will be given new leadership tools that will be valuable in every aspect of your life whether that is through FCCLA, school, family, or in your extracurriculars. I challenge you to find three things that you can apply to yourself while at your DLC.