District Leadership Conference Season is Here!

Submitted by: Hannah Pearson, Vice-President of Competitive Events

It is DLC season everyone, and the State Officers are super excited to get out and about and visit with all the chapters! It is a chance for the whole chapter to experience a FCCLA conference. It’s that first time that a lot of members get to see what FCCLA is all about. Experienced members should take the chance to be a leader and encourage the younger members to be active in the sessions and learn more about FCCLA and how they can be more involved on a local level. All the officers, State Officers and PEER officers, are super excited to be in sessions with  the members of Nebraska FCCLA. It’s a great place for the whole chapters get ideas to better their chapter for the year. Also take the chance to visit with other chapters to get new ideas. So take all the opportunities that you can at your DLC.