Be Thankful For….

Submitted by: Brianna Gable, State Officer Team Secretary

One of my favorite phrases is “When asked if my cup was half full or half empty, my only response was I am thankful to have a cup”. I think it’s very powerful and applicable to all of our lives.

In February 2017, at the Peer Education conference, I was in the first stage of being elected to the team. Interviews. I’m sure some people just wince at that one word, you may be already dreading it. Remember the cup phrase? Maybe the interview didn’t go exactly as imagined or like the movies, or you nailed it. Except, maybe the evaluator loved it or didn’t think you did near as well as you’re thinking you did. Whether the interview was good or bad, be thankful for the opportunity. The opportunity gave feedback and will help prepare for the next time in a similar situation.

Being a state officer has offered me countless learning experiences. The majority have highs, and there are inevitable lows. Just like how you can’t expect a rainbow without a little rain. I encourage active members to apply for a state position, the state team or the peer team. Although, I can’t predict an individual’s outcome when applying, I know that no matter the end result, each person who took the effort and put forth the dedication to run comes out a better leader and more prepared for the future.

If the big stage isn’t exactly written in the clouds then participate in a STAR events project that falls in the category of a passion. Take on a project with purpose, something that will bring meaning to lives and a chapter or community. Complete all five Power of One modules or nominate your chapter or members for state awards. Whatever it may be, get involved and get recognized at the state level in April. The state officer team strives to recognize our incredible members, we would love nothing more than reading your name or chapter during our awards session, Power of One recognition, and certainly the new officer installation ceremony.

What feels like the end is often the beginning. We will part ways in April as our term comes to an end, however, it’ll be the beginning of many things. Pursuing FACS careers. Challenging our chapters when we depart. Advocating for our organization. Experiencing life on our own. Implementing what we learned as officers, members, and students. And being a leader in our community. All of those things are just the beginning of far-reaching impacts that we are able to attain because we took a small step ten months ago to be a candidate for the Nebraska State Officer Team.

Be thankful for the lessons. Be thankful for the blessings. Be thankful for the setbacks. Be thankful for the comebacks. Be thankful for FCCLA. Happy Thanksgiving, Nebraska!