I Am So Glad to Live in a World with Octobers…

Contributed By: William Wilton, Nebraska FCCLA Vice-President 

For so many October is the month of pumpkin spice, warm sweaters, and visiting the haunted house.  Although this is true for me it is also District Leadership Conference Season!  District Leadership was the first FCCLA Conference I ever attended, it was the first time I ever met members from other chapters, and also the first time that I knew that I wanted to continue to grow as an FCCLA Member.  See I had always known that I wanted to be a member of FCCLA after watching my siblings go through FCCLA but it really took my first conference to see what my experience in FCCLA would be like.


For so many new members that will be sitting at their first FCCLA Opening Ceremony at their DLC they might be experiencing a number of things.  Whether they will be competing in a creed speaking contest or listening to motivational keynote speakers they will be getting the chance to experience FCCLA at it’s best.  Truly though FCCLA is a chance for all you the members to make the most of.  It takes a real leader to know that they can determine their future through their actions now.  


For me DLC was the first time that I ever attended an FCCLA Event outside of my chapter.  I got to meet so many new people, get inspired by our speaker, and even learn so much more about FCCLA.  So now it is your turn, you guys get to experience your DLC.  Maybe it is the first one that you have ever gone too or maybe this is your fifth or sixth time going the beauty of DLC is that you are still learning year after year.  Your sessions aren’t the same and neither is you keynote speaker, but you are still learning and leading through FCCLA.  


So as you all get on the bus before some of the others students even get to school, or maybe you only have to just go to your school remember that you can determine what you will do.  So as you listen to the speakers and take part in Icebreakers at your DLC keep in mind that you can work towards what you want to get out of it. We would love to see your work at DLC by sharing it on social media with #spreadtheredne and #nefccla.