Christmas Shopping Begins!

Happy end of August Nebraska FCCLA!

August is an awesome month! Well, maybe not for the start of school, but for the start of FCCLA, I am saying “YES!”

A lot of fun and exciting information has been released over the month of August. Strategic plan 2020, August Red Leader, the very handy, dandy Red Handbook, but most of all, the items for sale in the 2015-2016 Nebraska FCCLA store are now up!

The Nebraska FCCLA store is the one stop shop for all things Nebraska FCCLA. For the home, office, and school, we have pens, pencils, memo holders, and sticky notes. While on the go, we have FCCLA sunglasses, water bottles, lip balm, and (a new addition this year) lanyards! For the car, we have license plate holders and window decal. And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for………..SWEATPANTS!!!

Find all these items and more, as well as their prices by going to, going to the “Advisers” tab, and selecting “2015-2016 FCCLA Store Items”. You may also use the link below.

To purchase items from the store, contact Whitney Antons by emailing 


Looking for something special for someone that maybe doesn’t have the FCCLA logo on it?  Don’t worry, you can still support Nebraska FCCLA.  By shopping on and selecting Nebraska Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America as your charity, Nebraska FCCLA receives 0.5% of the cost on Amazon Smile eligible items. It is the same Amazon, same great prices, and same free shipping, but just allows you to donate to a charity. It may not seem like much, but everything makes a difference!  This year alone we have raised over $20 so far.

I hope you are all ready for an amazing year of FCCLA! Keep tuned to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and these blog posts for all the latest information. By shopping from the FCCLA store and on, you are supporting Nebraska FCCLA.
Thank you for your support!