Dress Code Updates

Note:  After reviewing the comments from the State Leadership Conference, there were many requests that the Board consider working to make the dress code more specific.  After considering this as a State Officer Team, we presented changes to the Board and the Board approved the following changes on July 20, 2015.

Conferences and meetings are a great way for members to portray their identify to the organization and convey the positive, professional image of FCCLA. So to go along with the message that we are trying to portray, the dress code has been edited and is in effect immediately for all State sponsored activities including the upcoming Fall Leadership Workshops

From the Nebraska FCCLA Operational Procedures, Section 10 Operational Procedures, 10.08

State Sponsored Activities Dress Code. The following dress code shall apply to all state sponsored activities/sessions unless otherwise indicated by the Nebraska State FCCLA Adviser or Board of Directors.

Members will be expected to wear the following attire:

  • red, black, or white collared shirts with sleeves (Please note that the FCCLA logo is NOT a required component)
  • FCCLA official dress
  • neutral colored pants, capris (must fall completely below the knee), or skirts (2 inches above the knee at its shortest point)
  • neutral or red dress shoes or boots (open toe OR open back are acceptable)

The following are items that will not be allowed to any session by members, advisers, or guests:

  • jeans
  • shorts
  • athletic shoes
  • flip flops, including gladiator type sandals
  • revealing attire, including but not limited to items that are low cut, tight, or see-through

Members will also be asked to remove outerwear (coats, sweatshirts, etc.) before entering. Members who are found in violation of the dress code at any point before or during a session will be asked to leave to change immediately. They will be more than welcome to return to the session when their attire meets the dress code requirements. The State Association shall provide a supplement with pictures to help illustrate these requirements.

This year, Nebraska FCCLA, we hope to ensure that all members who represent our organization, do so in a uniform, professional manner that will make the image of our organization recognized and respected for who we are and what we do. So we hope that all of you will share pride in showing off your FCCLA red and we hope to see you all at Fall Leadership Workshop!

See you in Alliance or Wayne in less than a month!