Apply for the Nebraska State Officer Team

Submitted by Irelynd Pearson, Vice President of Public Relations

Hey Nebraska FCCLA, it’s your Vice President of Public Relations, Irelynd Pearson! It’s starting to be that time of the year where FCCLA becomes every active in a member’s life. From STAR projects to all the different awards we offer, to applying for office. Today, I am going to talk to you guys about applying for state office.

First thing first, you might be saying, why should I apply? Coming from a person who has applied and made it on the team, I can’t emphasize how amazing this opportunity is. State office takes your leadership experience to the next level. If you are someone who loves to lead and make a difference, this opportunity is for you. State Office provides you with so many opportunities. You get to lead this amazing organization at a state level for a whole year. You will be the face of all of our almost 3000 members! You will get to make big decisions in the state association. You will also get to run conferences like FLW and SLC, meet so many members, and even attend 2020 NLC in Washington DC! I can sit here all day long and list all the opportunities that State Office provides you, but you will just have to apply and find out the rest for yourself. 

I bet you are wondering now, where can I find this application because I want to apply right now! The application can be found on our Nebraska FCCLA website. If you click on the Members tab, then go to leadership opportunities, running for State Office is the first one on there. There is a link titled “ State Officer Candidate Application” that will give you the application. If I truly just convinced you to run, you better get your application in fast. The application is due on January 15th already! Once you submit your application, the state association will inform you if you made it to the next level or not. I hope to see you all sophomores and juniors reading this at SLC as a State Officer Candidate. Have a great day Nebraska FCCLA!