Last Minute STAR Tips

By Caitlin Murphy, Vice President of Competitive Events 

Winter break went by too fast!  As the new year begins, District STAR competitions are fast approaching.  While you finish up your projects, Nebraska FCCLA has plentiful resources available to help along the way.

Check out the Nebraska FCCLA website under the Programs -> Competitive Events tab for several resources available to aid chapters and STAR participants.  There, the Nebraska STAR Events Handbook, an Informational STAR Events Presentation, and a STAR promotional flyer can be accessed. Additionally, the STAR cheat sheet has several of the relevant links for STAR information and additional resources, and it can be found on the Nebraska FCCLA website or at

As you complete your projects, keep these pointers in mind.  It is a smart idea to have at least one person read over your speech and any other materials to check for editing mistakes and offer suggestions for improvement.  Practicing multiple times in front of an audience can be helpful in order to ease nerves and get comfortable with your presentation. Additionally, going over potential interview questions, if applicable to your category, can help you prepare to think on the spot.  If your project has a speech, memorization shows preparation and dedication. Most importantly, know your rubric. If you look through each category being scored, you can ensure that you have included all of the required elements.

As your competition approaches, keep in mind that the process is more important than the end result.  If your project made a difference in your own life or in the lives of others, you have already succeeded beyond measure.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at  Best of luck, and I cannot wait to see the success of Nebraska FCCLA this year in STAR!