Nebraska FCCLA State Degree Program

Nebraska FCCLA State Degree Program

The Nebraska FCCLA State Degree Program was finished in 2017 after being a multi-year project by members of the Nebraska FCCLA Board of Directors. The purpose of this program is to provide for the development & recognition of the well-rounded FCCLA leader.  This development reflects the mission of FCCLA and includes:

  • Personal Growth
  • Leadership Development
  • Promotion of FACS & related skills
  • Involvement in FCCLA

All information about the criteria, requirements, and evidence can be found in the State Degree Program Guidelines.

All portfolios will be evaluated using the Portfolio Scoring Checklist.  All candidates that are found to have a complete portfolio will then be invited to present to an evaluator panel.  This showcase and interview will be evaluated using the Presentation Rubric.

To view a sample of a portfolio in progress and to give members an idea of how the Google link should be set up, visit the Nebraska FCCLA State Degree Portfolio for Outstanding Leader.

Evidence Reports

The following forms are provided as the required evidence of many of the portfolio artifacts.


Evidence Report for FCCLA Service



National Program Report

Competitive Events Report



Scholarship Application Report

Job Shadow/Internship Report


Leadership Development

Conference Attendance Report

Leadership Position Report

Committee Participation Report


Development and Fundraising

Circle of Friends Outreach Report

Local Fundraising Report


Outreach and Public Relations

Publications and Media Report


Family and Consumer Sciences

FACS Course Completion Report

FACS Program Promotion Report

A Day in Your Future Report


Personal Growth

Personal Mission Statement Report

Work of the Family Report

Your FCCLA Story Report

Creed Interpretation Report

Community Service Verification Report


Portfolio Verification Form

FCCLA Reflection Document from Waverly FCCLA