Turning Opportunities into Memories with FCCLA

By: Jamie Janousek, VP of Membership

Memories stick with us forever. We have memories from our childhood, school, memories with family and friends. You will always have memories with FCCLA. These are the memories that stick with us. This year happens to be the last year of my high school FCCLA memories before I further my education in Family and Consumer Sciences and become a FCCLA adviser. As this year comes to an end we all have to remember the good times we have had in FCCLA.

One of my most favorite memories was of the National Leadership Conference in San Diego two years ago. This was my first big trip for FCCLA! I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous for this trip because I was competing in STAR Events. The thoughts of me competing against 100 people scared me. But in reality it wasn’t bad at all, I meet tons of new people from all over the United State! That’s where I first gained me networking skills, and this allowed me to further networking on the State Officer Team.

Another one of my favorite memories was at Fall Leadership Workshop last year. That year I was in the Next Level Leader track. We learned so many new things to further networking and leadership skills. That year was the year I finally started to think about what I wanted to do with the skills I have. And I didn’t even think being a State Officer was on that list of things I wanted to do. Fall Leadership ship helped me get out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought were possible.

Opportunities turn into memories with FCCLA. You can be having your first chapter meeting and that meeting could spark something in you to strive for greater things. FCCLA has so much it can offer to those who are willing to accept it. Take the leap and jump into a world of opportunities!