Transitioning Between Summer Break and School

Submitted by: Abby Fiske, Vice-President of Public Relations

The transition from summer break into school can be rough for anyone. Many people dread the last weeks of summer and the first weeks of school for this reason. However, if you take the time and steps, you can make transitioning from summer break into school a breeze. 

  1. Begin getting into a sleep schedule. Admit it, you probably stay up late and don’t wake up until lunchtime most of the summer. Starting to get up at the time you would for school, will help you not hit the snooze button so many times.
  2. Set your clothes out at night. This can save so much time in the morning, especially if you are running late. You would be surprised how long people can look at their closets and can never decide on what to wear. You could even layout your bookbag and lunch (if you take one) to make it easier on yourself. 
  3. Double-check your school supplies. Sometimes you get so excited about your classes or seeing your friends, that you may have forgotten to pick up a folder or notebook at the store. By going through your supplies and checking off each item, you can ensure that you won’t be the one forgetting anything. 
  4. Get back into reading. This is probably the hardest one to do; however, it’s very important. Getting used to focusing for extended periods of time can come in handy.
  5. Make sure your desk is organized. Everyone needs a place to do their homework, so having a designated place is important for focusing. If you have a desk that has collected summer stuff, clear it off and organize it. Having an organized place for work will set you up for success!

School is coming up, and we are all preparing for the upcoming school year. Hopefully, these tips will help make your transition better. Good luck!