The Importance of Thank You

Submitted by Samuel Coble, VP of Competitive Events

When was the last time you told someone thank you?  When was the last time you wrote someone a thank you? Not thanking them for a material thing, but thanking them for their presence in your life? Writing and delivering these kinds of letters are one of the easiest ways to give someone encouragement and help brighten their outlook on life.  Now if you’re reading this I’m going to assume you have some free time on your hands.  I want you to take that free time and make something of it.  Write a thank you, make some cookies, order flowers, do something to make someone who has been influential to you smile.  A few moments is a small price to pay for all the affection and time someone else has invested in you.  

There are so many people to thank.  I have been writing a letter per week for the past year and still have not run out of people I want to show my gratitude for.  Some impactful people that may deserve a thankyou from you are educators.  Our teachers do so much for us, and whether we admit it or not, they really do have an impact on us.  Educators create the leaders of tomorrow and help students of all ages learn valuable lessons in life. I can guarantee that while you read these last few sentences someone’s name came to mind. What are you waiting for? Write them a thank you! Maybe you have already written a thank you but don’t know how to deliver it.  Sometimes certain social interactions can be difficult and overwhelming, that’s ok, that’s how you know you are doing something worthwhile. If you don’t want to deliver the thankyou in person, mail it or leave it somewhere you know they will find it! 

No matter who you’re thinking or how you’re doing it make sure you do it in a heartfelt way!