State Officer Leadership Academy (SOLA)

Contributed by:  Whitney Parker, 1st Vice President

It has been over 2 months since I took the office of 1st Vice President and it has been amazing journey even in that short 2 months. On May 31st  I went to the State Officer Leadership Academy (SOLA) with the 2016-2017 State Officer Team and I learned so much about myself and about the Team. We all figured out what kind of leadership style we have and how we can best utilize that to continue to strengthen Nebraska FCCLA and ourselves.
On the first day all of the State Officers from the other Career and Technical Student Organizations and our facilitator, Josh Erickson from Team Concepts, had us do all sorts of team building activities. My favorite one that we did was the Spiderweb. Josh split us up into 4 groups and we had to get our whole group through these ropes without touching the ropes. My team didn’t win but it was still a very exciting experience in which I learned that having a plan before trying to execute something is your best option.

I can’t wait to go to San Diego for the National Leadership Conference to make more memories with my Team but to also learn more about being a leader.  I hope that all of you take advantage of the sessions, exhibits, and other opportunities to grow your leadership at the National Leadership Conference!