Milli’s Travel Bog

Here is a guide for an Estes Park, Colorado or Branson, Missouri trip from your VP of Programs, Milli!


1. My personal favorite, the Butterfly Palace! This was a very peaceful, beautiful place to safely be around butterflies and other animals. The admission bracelet is valid for three days and there are various activities to go through! 10/10 

2. The Talking Caverns: this was on my bucket list for many years. It was a very cool and educational experience. The staff was awesome, there were many activities to go through, and the cave itself was magnificent; it was different than I expected.


3. Hard Luck Diner: this diner had an hour long wait at almost all times of the day, but for a good reason! The food was delicious — I got a Hawaiian Burger. Even better, though, was the experience in the diner. The waiters all sang while they took care of customers! They were very good and even had their own CD’s in the gift store. 10/10

4. There were so many shows! We went to the Wild West Murder Mystery Dinner Show and Chris Stanley’s Comedy Magic Hour. Both of these were really great shows and included audience particiation. 10/10

5. Wonderworks: This was a very cool museum that had various fun activities to go through. Although I found activities I really enjoyed, it is more geared towards younger children. 8/10

6. Light Shows: There were so many to choose from! The one we went to was the Big Cedar Lodge lights and they were the coolest light displays I had ever seen.There was so much to walk through and such beautiful displays to see. They even had ice skating and fake snow! 10/10

Estes Park

1.  YMCA Outdoor Ice Skating: This was on a frozen lake while it was snowing and it was an awesome experience. It was also worth checking out their sledding hill! I even made a deer friend!! 10/10

2. Stanley Hotel Tour: If you’re into paranormal activities, you will love this! It was a very elegant building with very cool stories. The tour guides were very engaging and informative. 9/10

3. Estes Park! This park is very beautiful, especially in the snow. Every view was breathtaking, and there was a lot of wildlife. Just beware, only a few parts of the park are open when it snows a lot and sometimes they only allow four wheel drive. 10/10