Contributed by:  Bergan Morris, Nebraska FCCLA Vice President of Public Relations

January. The month where work starts piling up and time starts dragging on longer. The month is slow and the stress has reached its peak. We have more and more challenging classes coming and many, many extra-curriculars coming together all at once. From speech contest starting, FCCLA competition brewing, the midst of basketball and wrestling seasons, the quiz bowl competition heating up, to National Honor Society projects. It’s all coming together now.


Life is about moments and the things you get out of them. You only have small chances and you have to take advantage of every one. In all reality, high school goes by fast. Only 4 years of high school stand between you and real life. Some people still wanting to be a kid give up these opportunities, but high school is really about finding out how responsibility works. How to finish what you start, work hard at all you do, and make the best out of every opportunity.  


As well as in FCCLA we need to do our best to not only improve ourselves, but improve our community, our state, and our country. For me Bergan Morris, I find that prayer is always a great way to find the right way. To know that we all have the power in us to do anything we want to achieve is a great feeling.


Finally, this month requires a lot of focus and a lot of determination. To push through all of the struggles and the hurdles of life to achieve your goals and prepare yourself for the future.  These long days may drag you down but, Robert Schuller says, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”