Effective Tips for Recording a STAR Event Project

Submitted by Samuel Coble, VP of Competitive Events

Getting the perfect shot can be exhausting… The perfect lighting, even voice pitch, and effective movements can be hard to capture on camera. Before I give you a few helpful tips for pre-recording your STAR presentation, I’ll let you in on a secret. It is impossible to get the perfect video. No matter how many times you record or release perfection will not be achieved. It’s critical that presenters don’t get too caught up in the small details of the recording. One wrong hand gesture or an unnecessary pause are to be expected in any recording. Don’t get me wrong, the same fraction of a second error will still occur in live presentations, it is just easier for presenters to forget they happened because they are not forced to watch themselves back. Any recording can be enhanced with these three simple tricks.  

Keep Going!
Our very first tip is the first thing to keep in mind whenever participating in a project or activity that may leave your energy low and stress high: keep going! In a virtual world, this is more important than ever! Eventually, opportunities will lead to in-person activities again, and it is important to keep normal involvement in activities. That way when competitions can be in person again, you are still in practice and not picking up on an activity you left a year ago! Now for the virtual translation: when recording you will make errors when you start but keep going! By presenting your presentation all the way through even when you make errors at the beginning you will be able to work on the ending just as much as the start. For example, say you keep slipping up on your second point, don’t stop! Recover from the error and finish your presentation. Practice helps you get as close to perfect as possible so be sure to practice all parts of your presentation, not just the first half.

Schedule Time To Present!
Don’t put on presents or recordings. The due date for STAR video submissions is March 12. Be sure to record your project before the 12th and set aside a specific time for you and a partner to record your project. By setting a presentation date you can have something to anticipate and a date to schedule practices around.  

Find The Right Space!
Be sure to find the perfect setting for your presentation. Preferably somewhere that is quick, not disturbed, and with proper lighting. Be sure the camera angle shows you and your entire presentation. Make sure the recording has a clear view of your face and that all your features are clearly expressed for any nonverbal communication your presentation may contain. Be sure that when playing back your video there is clear audio without an echo. Another trick to having an effective presentation includes making sure there are no visual distractions. Avoid any paintings, statement art, or wild colors in your presentation background. A potted plant, a side dresser, or a lamp are good things to include in your background to add a splash of contrast or light.  

By keeping these simple tricks in mind you can easily enhance your presentation, but remember that the best thing you can do is PRACTICE! Nebraska FCCLA is already so proud of all the great work you have accomplished this year and can’t wait to see the STAR projects our members bring to state!