District Leadership Conferences

Contributed by:  Whitney Parker, State 1st Vice President

I love this time of the year, the trees start to change colors and it turns into jacket weather. This also means that it is time for District Leadership Conference. I have been given the pleasure to participate in both District 1 and District 3 Leadership Conferences 3.

My favorite part about DLC both in the past and still today is meeting fellow FCCLA members who love this organization as much as I do. Some of my best friends I have met at an FCCLA conference, so I challenge everyone to step outside of their comfort zone and meet someone from a different chapter. It may be scary at first but you never know they could give you new ideas to take back to your chapter and they could also become a lifelong friend.

While you are at your District Leadership Conference, it is always nice to remember why you are there. The purpose of DLC is to gain leadership skill experience and learn how to become a better leader by using some of the FCCLA National Programs. At each conference it is our goal to have all of our members increase their leadership skills and have personal growth.