School Time Blues

Contributed by:  Clare Wilton, State Vice President of Programs

Everyone has been going to school for awhile now and everyone is hitting that wall. Everyday It’s the same routine, getting up early, going to school spending at least eight hours at school, sports practice after school, and sometimes even work after that. It’s easy to get into the School Time Blues. Once you get into the Blues, it’s hard to get out of it and get motivated again. If you need to get out of the School Time Blues, FCCLA is the best way to get motivated again.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about what STAR Event you want to participate in. There are so many options that it can be a little overwhelming when you are trying to make a decision. Luckily, there is a STAR Events quiz that helps you pick an event after answering a few questions. That is a great way to pick the perfect STAR event for you or your group. Once you pick your STAR Event, it’s time to jump in and start planning it. This not only gets you motivated but it also saves you from rushing to finish your project the day before District STAR Events Competition.

You can also get your chapter involved in some National Programs. There are several to choose from that cover a wide range of topics from being fit to being smart with money to being closer to your family.  These programs can affect your school in a positive way. Using these National Programs, you can strengthen ties in your family, chapter, school, and even your community.

Activities and schoolwork are really piling up.With all this work is easy to feel stressed out and to worry about forgetting to do something. But when we get stressed it’s important to remember to think about all the wonderful experiences yet to come through FCCLA! Nebraska FCCLA  has lots of exciting things yet to come throughout this next school year. So escape the School Time Blues through FCCLA!