A COVID Christmas – Fun and Safe Activities for Your Chapter!

Submitted by Taylor Svoboda, Secretary

With this holiday season being like none before, it is imperative that Nebraska FCCLA finds ways to keep spirits jolly through fun and safe activities in individual chapters. Here are some great ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive from six feet apart.

1. Hold a Christmas Greeting Card Drawing Contest!
Within your chapter, hold a contest for designing an original Christmas greeting card! Add rules for your contest, such as that the drawing must include either the saying “happy holidays” or “merry Christmas”.  If you are looking for a more FCCLA approach, have members base their greeting cards on one of the National Programs. Have prizes for the winners and run their greeting cards in your local newspaper or post them on social media.

2. Do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange!
Secret Santa is a great way to get into the giving spirit, without the pressure of buying a ton of presents.  A great way to do Secret Santa within your chapter is to set up different age levels within your chapters participants. Another good addition to this classic is to set rules such as only gifts under $5 or only homemade gifts.  This is a fun way to grow friendships between chapter members and to have some fun this holiday season.

3. Have a Community Wide Christmas Light Contest!
While most people do put up Christmas lights, the added pressure of a contest may be what your community needs to make Christmas this year even brighter! Publicize your contest and make a plan for individuals to go around and judge participants. Some contests like this require an entry, while others just judge anyone who put up lights. Whatever your chapter would like to do is completely up to you!  This could also be a great fundraiser if your chapter decided to have an entry fee. Just don’t forget a prize for the winner!