You’ve Got This!

Submitted by Sabra Schmidt, Vice-President of Competitive Events

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has had an overwhelming wave of stress in the past couple of weeks, with sports practices, 3 games a week, finals, ACT, quiz bowl, Holiday shopping, STAR projects or anything else you may have had going on, we all have that one moment, when everything comes crashing down at you all at once. That moment you realize the 10 different things you need to be doing, yet there’s only one of you. It may get very stressful, but remember, you can totally do this. There are many ways you can handle all of this stress but let’s focus on all of the positive ways.

  1. Deadlines first. One thing I’ve picked up pretty quickly this year is to do the thing that is due first, well first. Then you won’t be the day of a deadline freaking out trying to get something done, then it won’t be your best work. Stay organized and write down or make reminders on when things are due and when things are happening. You won’t feel as rushed all at once. This comes in handy during STAR projects. Don’t wait until the week before districts to do all of the work, you may forget something and won’t be as prepared. Space out your work so you don’t feel crowded but are still getting things done.
  2. Tell yourself that you’ve got this. Once you begin to doubt yourself it’ll make things more dreadful. Believe in yourself and do the best you possibly can to your own ability. When you spend time on things, devote yourself to it for that full 2 hours or however long it takes. The more you focus, the more progress you will begin to make. Believe in your STAR project, that will make others shows how important it is to you. Make your project the best that YOU can possibly make it.
  3. My final tip is to focus more on your blessings than your stress. The world may feel like it’s falling down on you certain days, but try and remember all of the good things going on in your life that outweigh all of those negatives. The more you focus on the negatives than that’s all you’re going to see in life. Don’t miss all the happy things going on in your life, cherish them. Finish strong and tomorrow is a new day.

Christmas break is in sight and hopefully comes quick. Keep in mind that you’ve made it this far and to have a positive outlook on the things coming in and out of your life. Stay focused and stay strong.