We Help Two X FCCLA Project

Clean water. It’s something that both you, me, and everyone in the US takes for granted. What we don’t realize is that in continents like Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, this is a crisis they face everyday. In continents such as these, water is affecting things that we have access to in everyday life such as education, health, money, and our families.

In countries dealing with this, women and children have to go out everyday spending 60% of their day collecting water. The deal breaker is that this water isn’t even clean and it’s causing even more problems. We Help Two gives the facts that every 20 seconds a child dies because they don’t have access to clean water. These facts and more prove that a solution is needed to help this crisis. FCCLA has the opportunity to be a part of this solution along with partnering with We Help Two!

We Help Two partners with many organizations to raise money to create water projects throughout Africa. These projects are helpful to many communities and reduce the risk of waterborne illnesses. FCCLA’s partnership is going to hopefully increase the water projects happening in Africa and decrease the stress and harmful outcomes happening to people living there. 

Across the country, FCCLA has a goal to have 300 chapters sell 60 packs of socks. This would provide the resources needed to build 36 clean water projects in Rwanda. This not only will help many people get the access to water that they quite literally need to survive, but it also doubles as an FCCLA fundraiser. 

In Nebraska for example, Nebraska FCCLA will receive $0.48 for every pack sold in Nebraska and that goes to our State Association! Each pack of socks cost $12 and if your chapter sells 60 packs, you keep $4.80 for every pack! That doesn’t mean that you have to stop there though. Just remember that the more packs of socks you sell, you are not only helping your FCCLA chapter, but also saving lives in Africa. 

All in all, this is a great opportunity for every chapter in Nebraska to take part in. I hope that I get to see more and more chapters this year participating in this fundraiser, and I hope you all realize what a difference it can make!

VP of Competitive Events
Jayna Moses