The Holidays

Submitted by Tessa Cherry, Vice-President of Membership

Someone once said, “During these special times of year, take advantage of the opportunity you have to spend time with loved ones, have real conversations and enjoy authentic moments.” The holiday season is truly upon us. Everyone has their favorite holidays whether it is because of the food or gifts, holidays are special and can lose their true meaning.

Each holiday we create special moments that we can never forget. I still remember being a kid and begging my parents to let me go help my grandma prep for each holiday. As I get older and busier I remember the time it takes to bring my family together. We never know when it will be the last holiday with someone. Creating memories with family is something everyone holds on to. Whether you are talking about what is happening in life or trying to make enough food to feed an army we are making an impact on someone.

Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday! It’s not only about the great food that we eat but the time spent with family to prepare it. Though it may be a struggle to cook for so many people it does mean a lot to have all your family together. Thanksgiving is one of the first holidays in the season and is when you may see relatives you haven’t seen in awhile.Not only do we have great family and friends on Thanksgiving but we have great weather. In Nebraska we can have some crazy weather but on Thanksgiving it is truly beautiful.

When someone tells me their favorite holiday is Christmas I ask why? Everyone says something different. One may say the time of year with the weather. Another may say that they love to give gifts to people that made an impact on them. When Christmas comes it is something special. It is about getting together to have fun and eat some amazing food!

Holidays give us so many different opportunities to do so many things. Whether it is finally mastering your family’s secret stuffing or hearing a story you have never heard before. We get to decide the meaning of what our holidays are to us. They are not all about the food or presents but so much more. I challenge everyone this holiday season to find your true meaning for the holidays.