State Officer Team and State Peer Officer Team Experiences

Contributed by: Jamie Janousek, Vice-President of Membership 

In the short amount of time that I have been on the State Officer Team, I have looked back and realized that my fellow team members and I have had some pretty amazing experiences! Being able to go to the National Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tennessee and meeting with other state officers and members of the National Executive Council has been amazing to expand my connections in FCCLA. Now I know you may be thinking, “They probably just talked about FCCLA things.” That is half right; we also talked to them about our personal lives as well: social media, lunch options, school, and even pets! By being a state officer, you gain so many new friends, friends that will last a long time!

As a state officer, you also have the chance to plan and help manage conferences. The Fall Leadership Workshop was planned by your very own State Officer Team. Through our positions, we were able to plan out our workshops regarding the various National Programs. Even though it was nerve racking for us to plan an informational workshop for hundreds of members, it was very rewarding knowing that our participants learned new information and skills while having fun.

If you were to run for the State Peer Officer Team, then you would be a part in  planning the Peer Education Conference, which gives members more insight on National Programs while learning and improving communication skills. The state peer officers really do a great job of teaching advocacy and helping attendees to gain new insights to bring into their own chapter.

There are so many more experiences that state officers and state peer officers gain. By being on one of these officer teams, you get to work with amazing FCCLA members from across the state of Nebraska! It is really rewarding to reflect on what you and your team have done during your time in office. Running for a state level office allows you to further your passion in FCCLA while gaining so many new life skills.

If you are interesting in applying for the State Peer Officer Team the deadline to submit applications was on December 15th. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can always apply next year! If being on the State Officer Team is what you want, then those applications are due January 15th.

If you are nervous, don’t worry! What you have already learned in FCCLA has helped to prepare you for this new venture! If you think that this will be a lot of work, you are right; however, this is such a rewarding experience. Trust me! I needed a push to put myself out there and run for officer; look where I am now! I’m the Vice President of Membership! It is so amazing to say that I hold one to the top eight positions in the state of Nebraska FCCLA. You will gain so many things by applying for an office position. Just take the first step of talking to your adviser; they would be glad to help you! If you have anymore questions regarding being on the State or State Peer Officer Teams, feel free to email an officer or visit our website for more information.