State Leadership Conference Community Service Project

Submitted by: Brianna Gable, State Secretary

Supplies for Success

Each year, when summer comes to a close, a few things come easy to us, as students and parents. As students we search for the perfect notebook, cute pencils, and matching backpack that no one else has. And our parents buy school supplies and check it off the list, visit our teacher before the first day, and snap the infamous first day of school shot. On the first day we jump up the steps of a big yellow box, lunchbox in hand, and never look back.

Sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? Accept we should be looking back, to the left, and to the right to see if our classmates had the same experience. Did they get on the bus that morning with a new backpack stuffed with new school supplies? We don’t realize it, but often our own classmates can’t obtain the materials they need to be successful in the classroom.

Our theme this year is “Strengthen Roots, Grow Potential”. As a state officer team we decided to do exactly that with our annual service project. This year we’ll be collecting school supplies at State Leadership Conference to be donated to students in need. We are strengthening our roots by remembering where we all began and what led us to be the leaders we are today. We are giving back to the places that gave so much to us for nothing in return. By hosting this school supply drive we will grow the potential of Nebraska’s future leaders, educators, politicians, and scientists. By giving them the resources they need, you are giving the opportunity for Nebraska youth to thrive.

Next time you pick up a pencil I encourage you to remember those who aren’t lucky enough to have one of their own. Accepted school supplies include: pencils, colors, notebooks, folders, scissors, pencil cases, and gently used backpacks. We also have a few suggestions you can take advantage of: ask your local Staples to donate a “We Care” gift card, purchase items from the Dollar Tree, or purchase backpacks from a thrift or discount store. Any gift cards given will be used to purchase the most in demand school supplies.