Self-Care: More Than Just Face Masks and Podcasts

Submitted by Alivia Olson, First Vice-President

You always hear people talk about the importance of self care, but the idea of a bubble bath just isn’t that appealing to you. What else is there for you to do, then? Is there more to self care than meditation and journaling? Absolutely!

Self care can be whatever you want it to be!
The great thing about self care is that it is unique to you! For some people, journaling is calming, while for others, it feels like homework. If you don’t like to journal, you don’t have to do it! The purpose of self care is exactly as it sounds: to care for yourself. If sitting in the sun listening to your favorite playlist makes you happy, then that could be one of your forms of self care. If gaming with your friends relieves your stress after a long day, then that is one of your forms of self care! It can be drawing, dancing, driving, playing games, sleeping, watching a comfort show, reading, or whatever else makes you feel comforted. So don’t be deterred by the words “self care,” they can mean whatever you want!

Making time for YOU!
Now that you have thought of your own forms of self-care, make sure you take some time out of your week to do them! If you typically have less homework on Wednesdays, maybe use that extra time to start that new book you got! If your track practice got canceled, you could use that time to buy a smoothie and jam out to your favorite songs. Even on your busiest weeks, try to find some time for yourself. It will keep you grounded and content.

There’s no room for guilt in self care.
If you find yourself feeling guilty while doing something for yourself, you likely aren’t actually seeing the benefits self care offers. It is important to value your self care time and truly be present in the moment. Then, you can get back to work feeling refreshed, instead of behind. When I realized that I felt guilty about taking time for myself, I switched up my routine to be sure my self care served its purpose! The time you make for yourself is just as important as the time you make for everyone else, so be sure to be present in that moment!