Mindset Matters: Positivity vs. Negativity

Submitted by: Cassidy June, VP of Programs

Are you a Negative Nelly or Positive Polly? When I was younger all I ever got told was I was being “too negative” or “too positive” and it would confuse me. As I’ve grown older, it’s changed to, “try to keep an open mind.” And I’ll admit, sometimes my negativity seeps into things I do. However, over the past two years that has started to change. 

Having a positive mindset helps you enjoy every moment more than you would have. When you go into a situation thinking you’re going to hate it, then you will hate it. However, if you believe that you could get something good out of an experience then no matter what, you will be able to see an upside in what you went through. It’s okay to be negative sometimes, but I recommend living on the happy side of life. Below I’ve given you a couple of tips on how to keep a positive mindset. 

  1. The first tip I have for you is to listen to positive music. I’ve always found the saying, “Listen to music that makes you feel the way you want to feel” helpful. And it’s always been true for me. If I need to feel inspired I might listen to Imagine Dragons (I know, I know, but I love them) or if I want to feel somber I might listen to She Used to be Mine from Waitress. (Yes, I am a theatre nerd) If you want to stay positive, listen to the music that makes you want to burst with happiness.
  2. The next thing I can tell you is to challenge your negativity. Whenever you are feeling down or dreading having to do something or be somewhere, ask yourself what are the upsides to the situation. Always think about how you could view something from a positive point of view. Thinking optimistically can help you to view situations through new eyes, and maybe you’ll enjoy that experience more than you would have otherwise. 
  3. The last thing I want to tell you is to follow your passion. Nothing gets my spirit up more than doing something I love. You don’t have to try and be positive when you’re already full of excitement and ready to dive into your passion. So find the thing that brings a genuine smile to your face and dedicate time to it.

Those are some tips to help add some positivity to your life. There are so many more ways including meditating and keeping a gratitude journal, but different things work for different people. However, if you want to try a gratitude journal you can either buy one, or it’s easy to create your own. All you need is a regular journal and at the end of every day reflect on how it went and what you are thankful for. Whatever way works for you will bring a spark of happiness to your life. So find out what makes you happy, and hold onto that feeling.