Making an Impact

By: Jamie Janousek Vice-President of Membership

Through my years of being in FCCLA, I’ve noticed that it has changed my life. But what I didn’t realize was that what I do in FCCLA changes other people’s lives as well. I believe that I change the lives of FCCLA members, teachers, students, and the community. By being apart of this organization anyone can make an impact.

In my school, I have noticed that a lot of members join because they have friends in our chapter. I’ve been told by a few members that they would never have thought to join FCCLA if it wasn’t for the word I spread about it. This makes me feel amazing that these students and new chapter members can make an impact through this organization. They can do community service, STAR Projects, and run for office either in their chapter, district, or state.

FCCLA can make an impact in so many ways. Through community events, STAR Event competitions, and other events; FCCLA is home to many opportunities for members to grab. It all starts with you on making the impact.