It’s Statewide ACT Day! Why Grades Matter!

Submitted by: Madison Jones, Vice-President of Membership

Why Grades Matter Now!

High school is very exciting but also terrifying. Especially for juniors and seniors, trust me! High school flies by incredibly fast. When are you going to start making decisions about your future. Where am I gonna go to college? How am I gonna pay for college? The closer you get the more you realize how important grades are.

Personally, I always have worked hard and cared about my grades but I never realized the full effect they could have on my future. Grades can be the make or break on how and if I get into college. Also, if I will have debt for the rest of my life or not. As a junior in high school, I can only do so much to improve my grades for college. I can prepare for the ACT’s and I can work on my grades.

The most important time for grades however… is NOW! Now is your time to realize the impact your grades can have on your whole future! Take this time to look over your grades. Are you satisfied with them? Can they take you into the career path you’d like? If you answered no… Start now! Here’s your wakeup call to a bright and better future. Buy a planner, talk to your guidance counselor and how you can achieve your goal! Most important… have fun with it! You only get high school once!