FCCLA Dress Code

The Dress Code

The three words that apply to any FCCLA Conference. The document that tells you what is and what isn’t appropriate to wear when attending the Peer Education Conference, Fall Leadership Workshop, and State Leadership Conference. A very important resource for any and all individuals that are involved in FCCLA and attend any FCCLA Conference. Whether you like it or not, members are required to wear it to FCCLA Conferences, and not wearing it could cause you to miss out on the chance of attending breakout sessions, speakers, and any conferences that are planned. It really isn’t hard to follow, and when following the dress code, you are creating a positive image for yourself, your school, and Nebraska FCCLA.  It is an expectation that you wear it, so I would like to remind members about what the dress code consists of.

What IS Appropriate

Many clothing items are appropriate to wear at an FCCLA Conference and are expected to be worn by members. These include: FCCLA Official Dress, red, black, or white collared shirts, neutral colored pants/capris (must be below the knee), skirts (no more than 2 inches above the knee), and neutral or red colored shoes or boots (can be open toe OR open heel, NOT BOTH). If you or your chapter has an official FCCLA blazer, this is also appropriate to wear for FCCLA Conferences. All of these items are stated directly in the Nebraska FCCLA Dress Code found on the Nebraska FCCLA website if you have any questions about what is expected and appropriate. Each of these things make an individual look very professional and create a positive image for Nebraska FCCLA. 

What IS NOT Appropriate

Following what isn’t appropriate to wear at FCCLA Conferences and sessions is extremely easy. Anything that isn’t considered appropriate under the Nebraska FCCLA Dress Code probably wouldn’t be the best option to choose to wear. The clothing items that are not appropriate for FCCLA Conferences include: jeans, shorts, athletic wear, athletic shoes, hats, flip flops (including gladiator type sandals), crocs, and revealing attire, including but not limited to items that are low cut, tight, or see through. These items detract from the positive image that we want to create for our organization and make individuals look less professional, which is why we implemented the dress code. 

As officers, we love seeing members dressed up in their official dress, ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. It makes us excited and optimistic for the leaders we are creating within our own organization, and it makes us look forward to the future leaders of our organization and our society. Seeing the big sea of red during conferences shows the individuals that share a passion of reaching Toward New Horizons and setting goals that make a difference in our homes, schools, and communities. 

With all of that being said, please follow the Nebraska FCCLA Dress Code! When following the dress code, you make a positive image for your school and our organization, which is exactly what we want our members to do. Our organization is creating the future leaders of society, and we want outside individuals to have high hopes for the leaders we are making. Feel free to reach out to your adviser, the state adviser, or any state officers if you have any questions. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and always enjoy seeing all of the red at FCCLA conferences! 

Kaylee Hilbers
Nebraska FCCLA State President