365 Days

Contributed by:  Tracy Wamsley, Nebraska FCCLA State Secretary

When you think of a year, most people think of 365 days. With that many days, each day is typically the same. You start to get a routine schedule you go through each day and  it feels like you are just going through the motions to get by. As a high school student, you have school, work, sports, activities, and maybe a little free time at the end of the day (if you don’t have too much homework.) With this type of schedule, a routine is a necessity and it happens automatically.

Sometimes, your routine schedule is changed, whether it be more work and being more busy , or less work and having more free time. The day I got elected as a Nebraska FCCLA State Officer, my life changed,  but in a good type of way. Yes, I am more busy now, and yes, free time isn’t always an option. Sometimes, it can be a bit stressful, but learning to be a leader and take responsibility was never said to be “easy.”

When you sign up for something, take the responsibility, and act.  It pays off. One day, a normal typical day of that 365 days a year, I put on my red jacket. Now, this jacket has a lot of meaning to me. After working hard, I was able to put on my jacket, and people noticed me. At NLC this year, I remember walking to get something to eat before a session started and noticed this little girl stop and look at me. In that moment, I have never seen someone look at me that way. She looked at me like I was someone important and the role model type of person. She was even too shy to talk to me so her mother asked what our red jackets were for. I then gave my typical 30 second elevator speech and gave that little girl my business card and told her that one day she could do exactly what I am doing.

Just that one day, just that one girl, and my start as a State Officer had a new meaning. Look at your 365 day schedule, and ask yourself, does it have meaning ? 365 days may seem like a lot of days, but you never know how many you have left. Life needs a meaning and you need a purpose. Being a State Officer had gave me that purpose. If you are ever thinking about running for a state office, go for it. A little stress, a little extra work, and the responsibility of being  a leader will always be worth it when you get to influence others. Today is August 18th, which means, you have 135 days left, make them count.


For more information about running for a State Office, please visit the Leadership Opportunities section on the Nebraska FCCLA website at

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