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Peer Education Recognition Opportunities

Outreach Project

Each of the three Nebraska State Peer Education teams offer a wide variety of recognition opportunities.  Through Family Leader, Community Leader, and Career Leader programming, chapters can be recognized for their outstanding efforts.  Check out these chapter recognition opportunities related to each Team.

  • The Nebraska FCCLA Family Leader Team, which focuses on Families First, will be recognizing November which includes National Family Week November 19-25.  Chapters are encouraged to do a project that strengthens families during the month.
  • The Nebraska FCCLA Career Leader Team, which focuses on Financial Fitness, is celebrating National Career Development month, which is November.  FCCLA chapters are encouraged to plan an activity that focuses on gaining career skills and knowledge and engaging with entrepreneurs in their community.  
  • The Nebraska FCCLA Community Leader Team, which focuses on Student Body is working to promote positive mental health among teens. The Community Leader Team is working to provide resources and activities that can be used in chapters to give students ways to cope with life going on around them. 

These report forms are due before February 15, 2018.  All chapters that complete the report form will be recognized at the Peer Education Retreat held in Kearney on February 25-26, 2018.  For more information, contact any members of the respective teams.

SPOT Outreach Project Application

Capture the Action

In addition to these recognition opportunities, chapters can apply with outstanding projects related to each of the three National Programs represented.  STOP the Violence, Career Connection, and FACTS National Programs provide valuable peer education opportunities for students.  These projects can take place at any point during the year.  The top three projects in each National Program will be recognized at the Peer Education conference.

To complete a Capture the Action application, simply submit a picture and short description using the form provided.  This is a great way to share the unique ideas that your chapter is incorporating as well as receiving recognition for those outstanding projects at the Peer Education Conference.

Capture the Action SPOT Award Application

The Real You

The Community Leader Peer Education team’s focus for the 2017/2018 school year is to promote positive mental health in our fellow peers. Everyone knows to live a healthy lifestyle you need to eat a moderately healthy diet and exercise daily, but what most neglect to work on is: mental health. Because of technology and increased stress, teens are experiencing depression and related issues at higher and higher rates every year. Our goal is to equip you with resources and activities that can be used in your chapters to help give students ways to cope with the life going on around them. The attached flyer gives sample activities you can easily implement that are stress relieving, fun, and help with mental health!

-The Real You- Flyer 2017-18

Financial Fitness Outreach