February 11-17, 2018

Chapters are encouraged to celebrate FCCLA during FCCLA Week, February 12-18, 2017.  While each chapter may have its own specialties, traditions, and recognitions, the Nebraska FCCLA State Association will be encouraging involvement in FCCLA Week using the techniques outlined below.  With any of your efforts, be sure to use the #nefccla and tag @NationalFCCLA on social media.  Contact your local news agencies about promoting FCCLA Week and other FCCLA events throughout the year.

Monday:  FAMILY

Family is the first focus of FCCLA, just like Monday is the first school day of the week.  Use Monday as a chance to eat a meal together with your family.  This aligns with the FCCLA @ the Table initiatives and is meant to encourage healthy eating, improve interpersonal communication, and strengthen family bonds.

Tuesday:  CAREER

Think of all the careers available in your community.  Chances are good that many of those align with family and consumer sciences related occupations.  Need some examples?  Here’s just a few:

  • interior designer
  • marketing and merchandising
  • buyer
  • designer
  • FACS teacher
  • dietitian
  • marriage and family counselor
  • textile research and development
  • home furnishings designer
  • property manager
  • food scientist
  • infant educator
  • mental health counselor
  • chef
  • early childhood teacher or care provider
  • nutritionist
  • social worker
  • entrepreneur
  • psychologist

Invite one of these individuals to your classroom or chapter to talk about what their job entails and how students can become involved in a career in that field.

Wednesday:  COMMUNITY

This one, you will have to stay tuned for more information but here’s a hint. Thanks to this project we collected over 1500 rolls of toilet paper for Fresh Start and over 1000 dental hygiene items for Community Action Partnerships.

Thursday: LEADERS

There are lots of great leaders in your community, school, and workplaces and this day is all about recognizing them.  On this day, we would like our members to recognize the outstanding leaders they admire.  This could be a thank you note, certificate, recognition event, or a tag on social media.


Join us as we show off our corner of America by posting your favorite FCCLA pic using the #nefccla.  Our goal is to have representation of at least 50 locations across all of Nebraska.  This could be posting a picture at your school, a nearby tourist attraction, or historical site. If Nebraska FCCLA reaches its goal, all chapters that participate will be entered to win a $50 gift card from eGroup.  Add to the National FCCLA efforts and post at 3:30 PM CT/2:30 PM MT.