Competitive Events

Competitive Events

Skill Demonstration Events

These events, held in the fall at the National Cluster Meetings provide opportunities for members to demonstrate college and career ready skills in Family and Consumer Sciences and related occupations.  This fall, the following Skill Demonstration Events that will be offered include:

  • Culinary Knife Skills (Senior and Occupational)
  • Culinary Food Art (Senior and Occupational)
  • Interior Design Sketch (Senior and Occupational)
  • Interviewing Skills (Junior, Senior, and Occupational)
  • Impromptu Speaking (Junior, Senior, and Occupational)
  • Toys that Teach (Junior, Senior, and Occupational)
  • Speak out for FCCLA (Junior, Senior, and Occupational)

In addition to these prepared Skill Demonstration Events, National FCCLA offers a variety of online Challenge Testing Events.  Participation in these events takes place by the completion of an online test based on the content knowledge area.  Participants placing in the top 3 receive recognition at the National Cluster Meeting.  These events include:

  • Consumer Math
  • Culinary Math
  • Early Childhood
  • FCCLA Knowledge
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
  • Nutrition
  • Science in Family and Consumer Sciences

STAR Events

STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) are competitive events in which members are recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation.  In Nebraska, 90% of competitors reported that these events were very or extremely useful in preparation for future experiences. See the full report on the impact of Nebraska STAR Events here.

FCCLA STAR Events offer individual skill development and application of learning through the following activities:

  • Cooperative: teams work to accomplish specific goals
  • Individualized: an individual member works alone to accomplish specific goals
  • Competitive: individual or team performance is measured by an established set of criteria

STAR Events promote the FCCLA Mission to focus on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader. Each event is designed to help members develop specific lifetime skills in character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

STAR Events encourage active student participation and recognize accomplishments of youth. The belief that everyone can be successful is the foundation of these events. Cooperation and competition are stressed in positive, constructive ways. Respect and interaction between youth and adults are fostered by establishing teams of adult and youth evaluators and event managers.


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