2019-2020 State Officer Team (SOT)

Sydney Erickson, President

Makenna Welke, 1st Vice-President

Alexis Cherry, Secretary

Caitlin Murphy, VP of Competitive Events

 Sydney Schildt, VP of Development

Alyssa Bell, VP of Membership

Jaiden Johnson, VP of Programs

Irelynd Pearson, VP of Public Relations



State Officers have the responsibility of serving the organization based on the mission and goals of the organization at that time.  Many of these initiatives come from the current Strategic Plan and are outlined by the team as part of the State Officer Leadership Academy (SOLA).  Each officer is responsible for setting and working toward individual, group, and organizational goals that will build their own leadership potential as well as serve the needs of the organization.

State Officers are available to provide leadership development and programming assistance to local chapters and districts.  This can take place via a live training or by communicating with them by email.  To request a visit from a member of the State Officer Team, please visit State Officer Visit Request Form

Conduct and Procedures Code