National Leadership Conference

National Leadership Conference

Join us June 28 – July 2 in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2018 FCCLA National Leadership Conference.  Stay tuned for more information to help you plan your trip, register, and see the great opportunities offered at this year’s conference!

Information Guides

For complete information about the National Leadership Conference, check out the 2018 NLC Guide and other great information from National FCCLA at You can also access the Nebraska guide with information on the Nebraska FCCLA special event and hotel information, access the 2018 NLC Welcome Doc for Advisers



To register for the Nebraska Heads to the Mountains event, complete State registration, and reserve hotel rooms for the National Leadership Conference, visit NLC Housing and Nebraska Event Form.  This is due by 6:00 PM on Friday, April 27.  Payment for the hotel, Nebraska special event, and Nebraska registration and gifts must be received by June 15 to avoid late payment fees.

Early Bird registration for National Leadership Conference ends May 1.

The Nebraska FCCLA Association will once again be assisting with hotel and special event reservations.  Advisers, parents and chaperones are expected to refer to the conference schedule and planned events before scheduling sightseeing opportunities. The primary focus of the conference is on youth leadership and personal development.

If a student is attending the conference without a representative from their school or a family member, an Independent Delegate Form must be completed by both the student’s school and the school that will be assuming responsibility for the student while they are at the conference.  This form must be signed by all parties and returned to the State Adviser prior to June 15.


FCCLA Dress Code

This year at the 2018 National Leadership Conference, the National organization will implement a new dress code policy. All student delegates will be required to wear the official FCCLA red blazer as a part of their conference attire. 

To assist our chapters in achieving compliance with this new policy, Nebraska FCCLA will be selling 100 blazers at a discounted rate of $30.00 each. 

Blazer information is as follows:

  1. Blazer orders will be accepted and filled on a first come, first served basis
  2. Orders will be accepted immediately following State Leadership Conference in the following rounds:
    1. Round 1: STAR Event Champions and Runner’s Up – April 10-April 20 (or until sold out)
      1. Orders will be cross-referenced with the advancing competitor list
    2. Round 2: Other NLC delegates – after April 20 (if not sold out during round one)
  3. Email notification will be sent to all chapters once we have received and confirmed payment for 100 orders.
  4. If blazers sell out prior to the fulfillment of your chapter’s order, you will need to purchase blazers directly from National FCCLA, which are sold for $65.00 and can be found here:
  5. There will be NO refunds, returns or exchanges on blazer orders.
  6. Incomplete orders or orders out of compliance with the aforementioned guidelines will not be considered for fulfillment until properly re-submitted. They will not be considered for fulfillment at the time of re-submission.
  7. The blazers will be shipped from Blazer Depot to the chapter, thus making them responsibility of the chapter who purchased them. They are not property of Nebraska FCCLA and chapters will responsible for their care and maintenance.

*Nebraska FCCLA is only selling 100 blazers at this reduced price. We may have over 100 competitors qualify for NLC. Please do not order additional blazers if your chapter currently has blazers for students to use.


How to Order:

The complete guidelines for dress can be found at  For tours, even those organized by National FCCLA and Metro Connections, attire is casual.

Visiting Atlanta

Check out these guides to the great neighborhoods of downtown Atlanta to help you start planning your National Leadership Conference experience.  More information coming soon!