Nebraska FCCLA Virtual NLC Press Release

2020 Virtual FCCLA National Leadership Conference
July 7 – 9 

Stay informed with the latest information from National FCCLA for the Virtual National Leadership Conference here.

All deadlines end at 5:00 PM ET.

June 23, 2020
National Leadership Conference Preregistration Deadline
National Leadership Conference Registration full payment due if paying by check

July 7-9, 2020
National Leadership Conference Virtual Registration

Chapter Adviser Information Guide for National Leadership Conference here.

Virtual Competitive Events.  Each year thousands of competitors participate which means hundreds of volunteers are needed.  Nebraska FCCLA is required to provide 1 volunteer for every 3 participants. Event in virtual competition, this is still true.  This could be students, advisers, parents, and/or guests.  Each year we are very short on adult volunteers, specifically. While Nebraska has maintained a true volunteer status with these adult and youth volunteers, if the National association has no-show evaluators and is short evaluators, this may become a required participation component. *I will need Chapter Advisers, future FCS teachers and advisers, FCCLA Alumni, as well as recently graduated seniors, former State Officers, etc. to serve as volunteers for virtual competitive events.

Nebraska used standard-deviation applied to State qualifying scores to determine our qualifying teams in all events. Each Chapter Adviser is responsible for submitting the “Intent to Compete” form by May 1st. Qualifiers will be still be submitted to National FCCLA by May 4th which must be done prior to individual Chapter registration.

Each Chapter Adviser is responsible for helping their students prepare for virtual competition. Please follow the revised guidance for Virtual STAR Event Competition:

2020 virtual STAR Events schedule

JUNE 8-13, 2020 JUNE 15-20, 2020

Career Investigation

Early Childhood Education

Fashion Construction

Fashion Design

FCCLA Chapter Website

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

Instructional Video Design

Interior Design

Job Interview*


Nutrition and Wellness

Professional Presentation

Promote and Publicize FCCLA!

Public Policy Advocate

Repurpose and Redesign

Say Yes to FCS Education

Teach and Train

Chapter in Review Display

Chapter in Review Portfolio

Chapter Service Project Display

Chapter Service Project Portfolio

Culinary Math Management

Digital Stories for Change


Event Management

Focus on Children

Food Innovations

Interpersonal Communications

National Programs in Action

Parliamentary Procedure

Sports Nutrition

Sustainability Challenge

Registration Information for National Leadership Conference (add as written here – make sure the hyperlinks to the different registration pages work).

All registration for the conference including STAR Events must take place through the National FCCLA system. For more information and the link, visit the National FCCLA website.  If you have STAR Event competitors, your students are required to register for the National Leadership Conference.

If your students qualified for the National STAR Event competition but will not be attending, please let the State Adviser know by 12:00 PM on Friday, May 1 so that another student may have the chance to represent Nebraska FCCLA. 


  • 2020 Virtual National Leadership Conference: $30
  • Optional additional purchase 2020 NLC T-Shirt: $20


  • 2020 Virtual STAR Events: $25 per person

Note: STAR Event competitors must register for the virtual conference and for the STAR Event the state adviser has qualified them for. Once a state adviser qualifies their competitors for National STAR Events, the qualified event will be visible as item that can be added to the student’s registration.

There will be no State Registration or State fees this year.


  • Every participant is required to have their own email address that they will have access to during the summer months provided at the time of registration. Duplicate email addresses are not permitted.
  • We advise using an alternate email address other than a school email so that the attendees have access to the platform through August. Providing a Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other trusted email service provider will help ensure participants receive all NLC related communications
  • Email addresses will be used to receive individualized login instructions and an individualized registration code to access the NLC virtual conference.
  • Providing correct and accessible emails for each registrant is the only way that all registered attendees do not miss out on important NLC communications and updates. The email provided should be accessible from the time of registration through August 1, 2020.


  • Payment by credit card is required at the time of registration. The credit card provided will be charged for all registration fees on the invoice when the registration is submitted. Individual registrants can be put on their own invoice or multiple registrants can be combined on one invoice. The credit card does not have to be used for all invoices.
  • As an option, after credit card payment has been received you may send a school check to cover the costs of the chapter registrations.  Once the check has been received at National Headquarters a refund will be issued to the credit charged for the registration fees the same day the school check is received at National FCCLA.  Please note, the credit may not show up on the credit card statement for up to ten business days, depending on the payors credit processor.


  • STAR Events competitors will only receive their medal if they have provided their home address or alternate school mailing address when registering for the conference. Regrettably, National FCCLA cannot hold medals until schools reopen.


We recommend that chapter advisers register their students for the conference. Chapter and state advisers who are registering themselves, students, and non-member guests including FCS teachers interested in becoming an FCCLA adviser should use the Adviser Registration link below.


If you have been notified that the chapter or state adviser is unable to register your child for the conference and you would like to register them and/or yourself, use the Parent/Member Registration link below.


If you are an A&A member, business and industry partner, spouse, and/or guest and would like to attend the FCCLA Virtual National Leadership Conference, use the Guest Registration link below.


If you are a non-adviser evaluator who is volunteering to assist STAR Events by serving as an evaluator, use the STAR Events Evaluator Registration link below.

 Once you have registered for 2020 Virtual NLC, you are all set! You will be receiving exciting communication updates from us leading up to the event. It is important that you review these communications to stay up-to-date with everything that will be happening during and throughout the conference. You will receive instructions to test the device you will be using to view the conference. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on any session! Be sure to follow the instructions you will receive to test your device prior to the conference. 2020 Virtual NLC can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Be sure to have a stable internet connection for ease of access in the NLC virtual environment.

We will have a virtual help desk to assist you with any issues on connecting to any sessions throughout the virtual conference. We aim to make this virtual conference as seamless and easy as possible.


As students will be participating in a virtual conference, there is no dress code for the conference. State Officers will be required to be in official dress for the virtual STAR Events Awards presentation.

  • Special Edition T-shirts will be available for $20.00 (which includes shipping). Ordering deadline is by May 31.


Stay tuned on the FCCLA listserv for more information.

FCCLA 365 App

All conference attendees are encouraged to download the free FCCLA 365 App.  From this app you will be able to access the conference schedule, receive push notifications about room updates, and complete a variety of activities and evaluations.  This app is available in the Google Play and iTunes stores for free.