Individual Awards and Scholarships


In recognition of the outstanding work FCCLA members have completed, Nebraska FCCLA is pleased to offer a variety of scholarships to assist current and past members with the cost of post-secondary education. Nebraska FCCLA offers four different kinds of scholarships. All scholarship applications are due electronically by February 1 and all except the SPOT Scholarship must be sent to the current Board of Directors chair, Kim Scarborough from Neligh-Oakdale at; “FCCLA Scholarship” must be in the subject line. The SPOT Scholarship must be sent to Megan Hillen at

Student Teaching in FCS Scholarship

This $500 scholarship is awarded to one former member to assist with tuition and expenses that occur during the required student teaching assignment.  Individuals completing the Transition to Teaching Program are not eligible for this scholarship.

Student Teaching in FCS Scholarship

Lisa Groth Memorial – Family and Consumer Sciences Education Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to develop interest in FCS Education, increase the number of FCS teachers, and increase the potential for additional FCCLA chapters given in honor of Lisa Groth, former FCCLA Chapter Adviser and FCS teacher from Boone Central.  This $1000 scholarship is open to up to two students planning to enroll in a 4-year college or university with a major in Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

FCS Education Scholarship

Non-Family and Consumer Sciences Education Scholarship

This scholarship awards up to two $500 scholarships to outstanding FCCLA members planning to enroll as a full time student in a 2- or 4-year accredited community college, state college, or university with a major in a program other than FCS Education.  

Non-FCS Ed Scholarship

State Peer Officer Team Scholarship

The State Peer Officer Team (SPOT) offers one scholarship up to $300 to an FCCLA member who has been involved in programs related to peer education. Preference for this scholarship is given to a member going into a Family and Consumer Sciences related occupation.

SPOT Scholarship Fillable

Check out the selection of National FCCLA scholarships by visiting the National FCCLA Youth Scholarships page.

Jarvis Memorial Scholarship

The Jarvis Memorial Scholarship is to encourage students who live in outstate Nebraska to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and to live at Love Memorial Hall on East Campus. Those students who have been active in FCCLA are eligible. See the attached application below for more information about eligibility & submission details. Applications are due by March 15, 2021 to Gloria Turnbull.

Jarvis Memorial Scholarship Application


CommYOUnity Service Award

The CommYOUnity Service Award recognizes the Nebraska FCCLA member who puts the most community service hours into making their school and community a better place between the days of August 1 and March 1. Applications must be received by March 1st.

CommYOUnity Service Award

CommYOUnity Service Award-Fillable

YOUR Three Musketeers Award

This award recognizes the power of members to advocate for FCCLA within their own school. Students who bring in three new members into the organization are encouraged to fill out the form below. The form must be completed by March 1st. 

YOUR Three Musketeers Award

Power of One

Students who complete all 5 units of Power of One are recognized at the State and National levels.  Advisers will have to select students eligible for Power of One recognition in the online affiliation system by March 1. Students in Nebraska will be recognized during the Recognition Session at the State Leadership Conference. Deadline:  March 1

Electronic applications are accepted and should be sent to

Power of One Recognition Application

A Day in Your Future

A Day in the Your Future is a statewide job shadow initiative to connect FCCLA members with family and consumer sciences occupations. The mission of our organization is to promote family and consumer sciences occupations and in the state of Nebraska, these occupations are in high demand across the state. Matches will be made on a competitive basis and will be made as close as possible to the specific career choice indicated as well as to the preferred geographical location. Applications are due electronically to the State Adviser by October 1. Learn more about this program on on the A Day in Your Future page under the Programs tab.

A Day in Your Future Program Application