Contributed by:  Whitney Parker, State 1st Vice President

I love the month of February. It is such a unique month with only 28 days and then on leap years it has 29 days. It is the only month that changes. I like change!  In the same way, I like how our student led organization changes all the time. How perfect is it that we celebrate our unique organization during a unique month. FCCLA Week is celebrated this month from February 12-18.

Monday starts off the week strong with family, the central focus of our amazing organization. On Monday take a break from your busy schedule and sit down with your family and have a meal with them. This fits perfectly with FCCLA @ the table. Tuesday is all about Careers. The State Association is encouraging all of our chapters to invite someone from their community to speak to them about possible careers related to Family and Consumer Sciences.  The goal for Tuesday is to promote FACS and related occupations. The second C is for Community. Wednesday is the day to help out your community. This can be done through a service project or raising money for a person or group in your community.

We all know amazing leaders in our community that never get the recognition that they deserve, Thursday goes to them. Take the time to really make the people who go above and beyond feel appreciated. This can be done with a handwritten thank you note, a gift, or a recognition event. The final day is America so we want to show our FCCLA spirit all across the country by posting your favorite FCCLA picture using #nefccla. Our goal is to have 50 chapters in Nebraska participate on this date.  If we reach that goal, all chapters that participate will be entered to win an eGroup gift card. eGroup is the official supplier of FCCLA clothing, merchandise, and awards. And to add to the National FCCLA efforts, please participate in the Thunderclap.  This automatic post goes live at 3:30 PM CT/ 2:30 PM MT.  Sign up for the Thunderclap at http://thndr.me/0cVSUe.

February is also the month of love, so what better month to show your love for FCCLA than in the month of February. Why not show the world during FCCLA Week how much you love this organization and what it has done for you. Remember it can be through posting a picture your favorite social media website, invite someone to  come and talk to your chapter about FACS, or show a leader how much you appreciate them.