Celebrating 75 Years of Nebraska FCCLA!

Submitted by Taylor Svoboda, Secretary

As we all know, last Sunday on February 14th, 2021, Nebraska FCCLA celebrated an amazing feat. As we pass the 75th anniversary of FCCLA making a difference in Nebraska, it is important to take a moment and pride yourself on your role in all these years of major accomplishments! Each member of our organization has made a difference in not only their own family, career, and community, but in the family that is Nebraska FCCLA.

There have been many strides made throughout the years, including Nebraska FCCLA reaching over 3,000 members last year! This was a truly remarkable accomplishment, and one that will forever be remembered as we continue to work to increase membership and recruit new members to each chapter.  It is also important to take pride in the fact that Nebraska FCCLA has been represented by an officer from Nebraska on the National Executive Council twenty times in the past 75 years! Nebraska FCCLA’s affiliation has had an impact on the national scale not only based on our past NEC members, but also our association’s exemplary participation in competitive events. 

Thank you to each and every member, adviser, and alumni for all your hard work and dedication to this organization. It is truly your involvement and commitment to leadership development that has made the past 75 years as profound as they have been.  The impact FCCLA has made on individuals’ lives is incomprehensible. Just imagine how many more students enter the workforce with career-readiness skills! Or, how many students have received scholarships to begin their journey into FCS careers! Or, how many service projects have impacted schools and communities all across our state! The list could continue on and on, with the impact on families and relationships, not to mention the lifelong friendships made at every conference by complete strangers from chapters hundreds of miles apart! Thank you for making all this and more possible Nebraska FCCLA. As your State Officer Team loves to remind you, “The Future is Yours”, but that future wouldn’t be possible without your dedication to our spectacular past.