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What is your favorite activity from FCCLA Week? FCCLA week is right around the corner, and your chapter has probably already began to plan. You might feel excited about a great activity or a little anxious about a new one. However, this week is about you, FCCLA members. Monday is “Media Monday.” This would be […]

Team Nutrition and FCCLA Team Up with Mini Grants!

Through a collaborative effort we are excited to offer a unique grant opportunity through the USDA Team Nutrition program.  Nebraska Team Nutrition has teamed up with Nebraska FCCLA to offer 20, $1000 mini grants to chapters for improving and increasing hours of interactive nutrition education to middle and high schools.   Complete details are included in […]

Meet the 2016 State Officer Candidates

Congratulations to all the candidates who are representing their Districts as a State Officer Candidate. Running for a state office is an exciting experience that allows for personal growth. Being a State Officer Candidate (SOC) is an accomplishment in itself and a fantastic opportunity to learn, make new friends and strengthen your communication and leadership […]

Application Season has Arrived!

It’s that time of year again to start filling out those award and scholarship applications! While this can be a stressful time, the recognition and lessons learned are well worth it in the end. Nebraska FCCLA has many great chapter and individual awards that are definitely worth taking a look at. Are you looking for […]

Are you a Follower?

Are you a follower? Well, you are all obviously leaders, but are you following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? Social media is a major way to keep up with what is going on in Nebraska FCCLA.   Twitter has lots of opportunities for you to pursue. Once a month, you have the opportunity to […]

The NEW Student Body

This summer at the National Leadership Conference in Washington D.C., National FCCLA rolled out some very exciting new changes to the Student Body program. These changes go along perfectly with the slogan Together We Are… Healthy! The Student Body national program now consists of four units instead of three.  The new units are: The Healthy […]

Christmas Shopping Begins!

Happy end of August Nebraska FCCLA! August is an awesome month! Well, maybe not for the start of school, but for the start of FCCLA, I am saying “YES!” A lot of fun and exciting information has been released over the month of August. Strategic plan 2020, August Red Leader, the very handy, dandy Red […]

Dress Code Updates

Note:  After reviewing the comments from the State Leadership Conference, there were many requests that the Board consider working to make the dress code more specific.  After considering this as a State Officer Team, we presented changes to the Board and the Board approved the following changes on July 20, 2015. Conferences and meetings are […]

Be Ready DC!

Washington D.C. is one of the most symbolic places in the U.S. For many it represents freedom and liberty.  For others it is simply a place that they call home. For FCCLA however, Washington D.C. represents leadership.   Washington D.C. is the center of leadership where representatives from across the country meet and discuss our […]