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Combating Senioritis

Submitted by: Yasmine Bender, Vice-President of Development Ah, the legend of Senioritis.  About two months into the final year of high school, the seniors of all high schools catch a “disease” known as Senioritis.  Seniors become lazy, they procrastinate, they are late to events and meetings, and often use the phrase “one more year.” As […]

Happy Thanksgiving (Early!)

Submitted by: Yasmine Bender, Vice-President of Development   Happy Thanksgiving month Nebraska FCCLA! November is the time of year to be thinking about the things you are truly thankful for.  It’s easy to say that you are thankful for something, but have you ever thought about why you are thankful for something? My family is […]

Look the Part!

Submitted by: Madison Jones, Vice-President of Membership As the new year continues for Nebraska FCCLA State Officers, we have attended a few conferences. Maybe you attended your District Leadership Conference or the annual Fall Leadership Workshop, or maybe you haven’t attended a conference yet, but you probably can recognize one of the most important things […]

Get Out There and Advocate!

Get Out There and Advocate! Submitted By: Madeline Wittstruck, NE FCCLA First Vice President Nice to see you again, Nebraska FCCLA! I hope your school year is going well, as well as your FCCLA projects. From STAR event preparation to DLC’s kicking off, it’s looking to be a great year for our state organization! This past […]

Be Involved, Do More, and Cherish

Submitted by: Sabra Schmidt, Vice-President of Competitive Events Blink. In a single blink many things can happen. From falling asleep, to missing something the teacher said, to already completing and entire year of FCCLA, All in a blink of an eye. So the question I ask myself now is, how can I make this year […]

It’s Time to Get Involved!

Submitted by: Madeline Wittstruck, Nebraska FCCLA First Vice-President Hello Nebraska FCCLA! I hope you are recovering after FLW. The SOT had an amazing time, and the team and I would love to thank you for your participation and making our first conference as officers a success! Looking back at the conference, we had a lot […]

Building Connections. Breaking Barriers.

Submitted by: Katie Patton, Nebraska FCCLA State President 2018-2019 Happy October! It seems like just yesterday we were starting school, but we are now in full swing of fall activities and District Leadership Conferences! Whether you are competing in conference games, marching in band competitions, or starting practice for your One Act plays, we know […]

Guess What Time It Is? FCCLA Time!

Submitted by: Sabra Schmidt, Vice-President of Competitive Events Guess what time it is? FCCLA time! Now is the time to start thinking about many things. While your list may be adding up very quickly and getting longer by the second, this FCCLA year should be at the top! I hope your school year has been […]

Ready, Set, GO!

Ready, Set, Go! Submitted By: Katie Patton, President Hey Nebraska FCCLA, I hope you’ve enjoyed your (short) break from FCCLA in between Nationals and starting to prepare for the upcoming school year! That’s right, read the previous sentence again, it’s time to start brainstorming your new STAR projects and planning activities for your chapters. The […]

Schools Out but FCCLA is In!

Submitted by Hailey Bixler, Vice-President of Programs The school year has come to an end, which means that all classes, activities, and organizations related to school are now just memories stored in a very distant corner of our minds. But just because school has ended doesn’t mean that FCCLA has, and there are plenty of […]